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Ocean's Treasure Banner
Ocean's Treasure Banner

Our Japanese Akoya Pearls Jewelry collection features rings, necklaces, bracelets and rings available in exciting pearl colors like white, pink, black and all those fun tones in between.

Each Pearl hand selected and matched with love by our team, to bring in each design the uniqueness of the pearl, the perfect match for the perfect piece.

Our jewelry is carefully handcraft on 925 Sterling Silver, the 925 means 92.5% Silver plus 7.5 % of an alloy, in our case we use copper. The copper add strength to the otherwise delicate and soft metal. Some silversmiths opt to add allows of zinc or nickel but copper is preferred by many jewelry collectors, especially those with sensitive skin. The 925 stamp on our jewelry is used to identify genuine sterling silver in others words it is always shiny.

We love some of our designs so much that we started a yellow and rose gold plated collection. We use 14K. Gold over 925 sterling silver. 

The stones in our collection are Cubic Zirconias and we only use the highest quality. Cubic Zirconias don’t need to envy diamonds, they sparkle, twinkle and impress us with their vividness every time. Durable like diamonds, they will sparkle forever.

To take care of our jewelry you will need a soft cloth only, pearls cannot be subject to jewelry cleaners, not the regular cleaners, there are some that are specific for pearl jewelry. But we recommend you to simply use a soft cloth to caress the pearl and the setting, an old tooth brush can be used with warm water to remove products that get in the setting.

Pearls are a delicate gemstone and unique because is the only organic gemstone, that makes them soft, on the Mohs Hardness Scale pearls are a 2.5, diamonds are a 10, which means they are soft, but with reasonable care pearl jewelry can be a lasting treasure.

We are passionate about pearls, we know them, we love them and we hope to pass that passion to you.

We have amazing prices because we don’t have all the overhead of a brick-and-mortar store, all those savings gets translate to the price of our pieces and we offer FREE shipping for orders of $100 and over.

We love our customers and we will do anything possible to make you happy but we are humans and we make mistakes. Communication is pivotal, talk to us, we will respond within 24 hours and we will work to make it right. We treat customers how we want to be treated as customer. Period.

Shop with us and enjoy the experience !!