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Ocean's Treasure Banner
Ocean's Treasure Banner

A Love for Pearls

I fell in love with pearls in 2000, working for a company call Maui Divers, I worked for them for 8 years in Hawaii , Los Angeles and Orange County, they taught me everything about jewelry, pearls became my instant favorite. This idea of something we call an irritant could become on a gemstone.........layer upon layer of lustrous nacre........years on the making, it moved me, it inspired me, I thought “that is how nature brags.”

My Own Pearl Business

Like a pearl, I could say, my small business started from an 2008 I lost that job, the company closed all the stores in the mainland, I was offered a position back in Hawaii but for many different reasons I couldn’t move back and like many of us in 2008 I found myself without a job. I missed that job so much I decided to make my own store, I couldn’t afford a store on my own, so in 2011 I started doing Street Markets, Festivals and “Pick a Pearl Parties” has been so much fun, so rewarding. I have learned so much, I traveled all over California and Arizona with my business, I met the nicest souls in the road, every interaction has been a blessing.

Moving Online

In July of this year we will be 10 years old, on celebration of that mark we are opening our online store, same quality, still amazing customer service but online. If you ever purchase from us you know how we do things, if you visit us for the first time “Welcome” we invite you to experience our online store, contact us with any questions.

We will still keep doing our “Pick a Pearl Parties” and the street fairs in San Diego and Huntington Beach on weekends but with our online store. Customer service and quality are the pillars of my business, I will go above and beyond to make sure your experience with us is excellent.