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Ocean's Treasure Banner
Ocean's Treasure Banner

Everything starts with a bowl full of oysters and possibilities!!

The oyster opening is a magic moment.......what gift will nature give you? There is a feeling of excitement, joy and mystery waiting for the pearl to be reveal.

Every oyster is guaranteed at least one pearl, about half of them comes with two pearls, each will be between 7 and 8 millimeter, always perfect round, always lustrous, always vibrant.

The Pearls

The pearls come in three different colors, white, pink and black, but each pearl is like no other as well as their colors, whites can be creamy or with a silver tint, pinks from a pale rose to a hot pink, sometimes with a peach undertone, the shades of our black pearls goes from a dark night black to dark gray and silver, blue and purple undertones, some of them with copper hues.

You and your guest will pick the oyster, after a celebration to welcome the pearl, we will open the oyster and reveal the pearl(s).

The Ultimate Party Favor

Our jewelry are settings for pearls, once we find the perfect piece to compliment the uniqueness of your pearl(s) we will set the pearl on site.

It takes 5 minutes to finish the jewelry, you will have the piece finish the same day and years to enjoy it.

Makes for a fun party

Every one of our pearl parties becomes on an unforgettable party, join friends and family, Celebrate birthdays, anniversary, retirement, Mother’s Day, baby shower, bridal shower, we can bring theme settings for different kind of parties. We have been doing Pearl Parties for 10 years.

San Diego Area 

We will travel for parties outside the San Diego area


Every Pearl Party is unique and special, with that on mind we offer different options and prices.

Same examples are 

  • 10 Oysters + 10 Sterling Silver settings, starting at $ 700
  • 10 Oysters + 10 Silver Plated settings, starting at $ 400
  • 50 Oysters, guest will pay for settings, starting at $ 750

We will tailor every party to your needs.

Please call us at 808-330-8075 or send us an email we are glad to answer any questions.

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