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Sterling Silver Pearl Heart Bracelet

Pearl Color

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With a pearl set right in the middle of the heart, our Sterling Silver Pearl Heart Bracelet is a symbol of love, loyalty, and gratitude.


Featuring an exquisite heart charm, our Sterling Silver Pearl Heart Bracelet is a symbol of love, loyalty, and gratitude. 


With a pearl set right at the middle of the heart, this bracelet is a beautiful token of love you can give to a loved one. 


What Makes Our Sterling Silver Pearl Heart Bracelet So Special? 


  • Classic Design: Nothing looks classier than a jewelry with a timeless design. If you love dainty jewelry pieces that you can wear all the time, this is a great choice. The simple yet stylish design of the bracelet makes it all the more appealing. 


  •  Handpicked with Love: At Ocean's Treasure, we are deeply passionate about pearls. Each pearl is hand selected and matched with love by our team, to bring into every piece of jewelry the uniqueness of the pearl. 


  •  Premium Quality Materials: The link bracelet is made with premium quality sterling silver that's sure to last long. It comes with a 2" extension to ensure it fits well for all wrist sizes. The piece retains its luster without any signs of wear and tear, so you can sport your bracelet wherever you go. As for the pearls, we make sure they are of AAA quality. Our Akoya pearls are always round, between 6.5mm and 7.5mm. 



  • Versatile: You could be going to your workplace, or it could be a day out with friends—this bracelet is a good fit for all events. It has a subtle charm of its own, something that fetches you a shower of compliments every time you sport the bracelet. 


  • Pearl Color Options Available: Want a pearl in a different color? Here you'll get 3 color variants—white, pink, and black. Each of the colors has its own unique appeal. Collect one, or all of them! 


  • Perfect Gift Option: Are you in search of the perfect gift to surprise your wife or girlfriend? We're sure she'll be delighted by this stunning bracelet, its design, craftsmanship, quality, and most importantly, your loving gesture. 



  • Easy Care: To take care of our accessories, you don't need to use regular jewelry cleaners. A soft cloth is all it takes to clean the piece. Use the cloth to gently caress the pearl and the silver setting. If there is any buildup in the jewelry piece, you can clean it using an old brush and warm water. 



  • Beautiful Packaging:The pearl bracelet comes in a beautiful pouch. It's ideal for safely storing the bracelet away from your other jewelry, is convenient for traveling, and also looks great as gift packaging. 


So the next time you're heading out of home, don't forget to wear this gorgeous bracelet. Feel loved, and spread happiness and positivity all around.